This is the reason many people do not buy iPhone X

This is the reason many people do not buy iPhone X - iPhone X is the highest smartphone Apple owned at this time. Since becoming a special series as birthday edition of Apple's designs seem more innovative, and now many are followed by other vendors.

Course design and advanced features that are embedded on the iPhone X is directly proportional to the price which dibanderol Apple. The smartphone version of the lowest valued USD 999.

It also seems to be the reason a lot of people, when asked the reason not buy iPhone X. To find out the truth, analyst from Piper Jaffray consultant, Michael Olson, conducting a survey.

The survey addressed to 1,500 people that is the iPhone users. As a result, seagaimana quoted from BGR, Wednesday (7/3/2018), as many as 44% of respondents claimed to still enjoy using the iPhone to be used at this time.

They reasoned that the iPhone in use today still work fine, so no need to switch to the iPhone X. Meanwhile, as many as 33% of respondents confessed because the price is expensive.

There are also iPhone users who claimed that the screen on the iPhone X less relieved so much want a smartphone with a more spacious screen. The reason is revealed by 8% of respondents.

Meanwhile, as many as 17% of other respondents had other reasons.

Apple itself is currently preparing three units diaporkan iPhone. One of them is to have the screen size 6.5 inch relief. In addition there is also a Variant that uses a smaller screen i.e. 6.1 inch.

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