The Fate of Tumblr After Yahoo Tumbles

The Fate of Tumblr After Yahoo Tumbles - Tumblr is quite popular even though the latter could be said to be getting dimmer. Briefly owned Yahoo with the acquisition of USD 1.1 billion in 2013 and predicted the more famous, Tumblr as the road in places.

Looking back, Tumblr is the work of a young man named David Karp in 2007. By that time he was only stepping on 21. In the middle of her bedroom of her mother's apartment in New York, she discovered an idea of services Tumblr.

David Karp managed to capture opportunities that point where Twitter, YouTube and Wordpress is ready to explode in cyberspace.

The idea of the Tumblr itself is quite simple, combine pictures, photos and messages in one place online. It didn't take long, Tumblr grabbed a great success. The main drivers of the success of Tumblr is the proximity of the Tumblr with bloggers

Barack Obama to Lady Gaga ever become a user of Tumblr. In a short time only, Karp and Tumblr are able to lure many investors, including coming from Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson.

The time value from Tumblr already appraised of USD 800 million. Branson's bid was rejected because he did not want Karp sells its services are simply for the sake of money. But eventually, Krap agree Tumblr acquired Yahoo.

Dear all less running smoothly. Tumblr does not also benefit and Yahoo can never be successful at expanding it. Until Yahoo eventually bought Verizon, the fate of any Tumblr so so-so only.

Karp who so millionaires thanks to Tumblr ever bought raise hands. He stepped down from the position of CEO of Tumblr at the end of 2017.

Criticism to the CEO of Yahoo

From the beginning there was apparently some who think pessimistic purchase Tumblr by Yahoo. The criticism led to the former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer who judged indiscriminate buying Tumblr.

"Tumblr seems to be worst in technology acquisitions so this decade and describes what kind of leadership Mayer as CEO," said Scott Galloway, Professor of marketing at New York University.

Scott rate if there are initial, Yahoo bought Tumblr too expensive. When purchased in 2013 it, Tumblr in the situation experienced a loss. Tumblr also has a bad image because it could not be denied, it does a lot of nasty nuance there blog. It makes advertisers reluctant to ship via Tumblr.

"Famous brands will not want to risk that happening if advertising on Tumblr when they have plenty of other options for a better and more secure," he explained.

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