The Fast 5:2 Intermittent Diet for Beginners

The Fast 5:2 Intermittent Diet for Beginners - Nowadays it is heard a lot people talking about the fast 5:2 diet which involves an intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is a regular fasting with some eating pattern. The first people who popularized this diet were a British doctor and a journalist Michael Mosley.

The Fast 5:2 Intermittent Diet for Beginners
 The diet is not too strict as an unsalted diet or everything-boiled diet. It is called 5:2 because you can eat normally for five days and eat strictly for two days until only 500-600 calories intake per day.
Due to that pattern, most people considered this as an eating pattern rather than a diet. Therefore, they prefer this diet to the traditional diet calorie-restricted diet because it is easy to follow. Interested? If it's yes, you should follow everything in this article to guide you better.

The Guides for Beginners to Do 5:2 Intermittent Diet

1. The First Rule
Make sure you know the first rule that you are allowed to eat normally for five days. Normally, not wildly. Then, the next two days, you have to press your calorie intake until quarter than the normal one, that is 600 calories for men and 500 calories for women.

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You might prefer the two days by yourself, it is not always at the weekend. Remember not taking junk food during the five days or you won't ever loose your weight.

The simulation: You eat 2 or 3 small portions of meal for Thursday and Friday, then eat normally for the rest of the days as if you did not fast at all. Do not "revenge"
2. The Menu on Fasting Days
Some people doing this diet usually choose to have a small breakfast and start eating as late as possible with small portion for lunch and dinner. Some other people choose to have two slightly bigger meals without breakfast, just lunch and dinner.

The menu should contain high protein, high fiber and, of course, nutritious which will make you full longer without many calories. Soups are the best food on fast days and you might also take the followings for variations:

- Cauliflower rice
- Boiled or beked eggs
- A great portion of veggies
- Still or sparkling water
- Natural yoghurt with some berries
- Lean meat or grilled fish
- Black coffee
- Tea
- Low-calorie soups (miso, vegetable, tomato, cauliflower, etc)

There is no certain menu actually, you just need to be strict on your calorie intake. Just do some experiments with the nutritious, high-protein and high fiber food.
This figure shows some inspirations for the menu.

3. To Overcome the Uncontrollable Hunger
For the beginners, this might happen since your body needs some adaptation to the new eating pattern. Moreover, if you try to keep busy with work. For you who doesn;t really familiar to fast, it is a good idea to have a small healthy and handy snack during the first few fasts so that you won't feel unwell or faint, such as apples, pears, carrots, etc.

There you are the 5:2 intermittent diet guides for your weight-lost program. But for your information, not all people are tolerate with this diet. If you still feel unwell, you may consult with the doctor.

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