Surprisingly, Apple Select Cloud Service Google to iCloud

Surprisingly, Apple Select Cloud Service Google to iCloud - Apple and Google are competing in the realm of mobile devices, digital assistants and service map. But in the business of cloud computing or cloud are both very familiar.

In the iOS security documentation on January 2018, found a description of technology choices in order to keep the user data remains secure and not hack. Apple apparently using Google's cloud infrastructure to store data files and photos, iCloud backup data belonging to the users.

It is rather surprising for most users. Because it uses Apple's service, then calculated the data stored on a server belonging to the origin of the technology giant's Cupertino that.

But since its release, Apple has indeed been using third party services. At that time they use Amazon web services and Microsoft Azure for hosting.

It was only since 2016, commanded company CEO Tim Cook that rely on Google's cloud service. Yes even though Apple does not confirm this. Even on the iOS Security Guide in March 2017, Apple still lists the Microsoft Azure rather than Google Cloud Platform.

Even though it's not Apple's own servers, it does not mean the data can be viewed by users of the iCloud Google or Amazon. Apple not only break up the data that is kept from the user, they are then encrypted again before storing them in one of the service cloud.

"Any of the files broken into pieces and encrypted by using AES-128 iCloud and a key of each piece using SHA-256," explains Apple as reported by from Slash Gear, Wednesday (28/2/2018).

"The key and metadata files stored in iCloud account by Apple users. The encrypted file stored pieces, without user identification information, use the services of third party storage, such as S3 and Google Cloud Platform, "according to her

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