Ketogenic Diet : How to Set Ideal Menu For Beginner In 7 Days

Ketogenic Diet : How to Set Ideal Menu For Beginner In 7 Days - Ketogenic diet could be fail, if you do not set up the ideal meal for daily menu correctly. Find out how to build up your energy in the way of reducing carbohydrates. Did you know? This diet is very popular today, and it has been proved by many people that tell their own assumptions to loss height.

Ketogenic Diet : How to Set Ideal Menu For Beginner In 7 Days
Well, this good company makes you slimmer without sacrificing the muscle or body shape. Let’s move to more benefit and ideal diet menu for your first week effort.

How to set Ideal menu for beginner

Ketogenic is related to ketones in your body that will be used as a fuel. Besides that, the ketones will not work without fat which comes from the food. One thing you should know that some foods are avoided in Keto diet. Here is to set ideal Keto menu for beginner in 7 days.

To start Keto diet, firstly drink enough fluids and put some extra salt in your food. Scramble eggs is enough for breakfast. You can have Asian salad beef for lunch. If you do not eat Asian salad, change the beef with 2 pieces of bacon and ¾ cup of fresh spinach. And for  ideal dinner menu, you can have consume chicken casserole.

The second day, have cheese roll-ups for breakfast. The carbs total is only 2% lower than fat. Caprese omelet can be added for lunch, and meat or chicken pie for dinner menu.  This menu contains 4% carbs with 25% protein.

Have your breakfast menu with frittata and spinach, and chicken soup without noodle for lunch. In this lunch menu, you can gain 71% good fat and 26% protein from the soup.  Complete the dinner with Carbonara.

The day of fourth, it is time to really reduce the amount of 2% carbs from the food. You are allowed to drink latte for breakfast. And make cheese salad with avocado and bacon for lunch menu. After reducing cabs strictly, you need to consume pizza that has 76% fat.

Have strawberry juice or another berries for your beverage. Bake the bacon and put omelet on it for your breakfast. Ensure that there is no carbs in your lunch menu for example smoked salmon plate. And you can have tortila with beef and salsa for dinner.

Omelet with baked bacon is ideal for brekfast in the day of sixth. Quesadillas can be your lunch that only contains 4% carbs. Make Asian cabbage stir-fry for your dinner menu. The protein is very low in this menu, because Keto diet also reduce the amount of protein besides carbohydrates.

Serve your day with pancakes which are combined with berries and whiped cream. Have italian plate for your lunch which contains 4% carbs. Pork chops with green beans and butter is ideal for dinner.
Every diet has many options for daily menu, whether it will be used in 7 days or months.Hopefully, you can get the best result after applying this ideal menu diet for your first week Keto diet.

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