Important Tips and Tricks You Must Know WhatsApp

Important tips and Tricks You Must Know WhatsApp - WhatsApp has been transformed into the world's most popular messaging services as well as in Indonesia with a population of over 1 billion users. Although it looks simple, there are quite a lot of tricks that may not have been known at application belongs to Facebook.

Important tips and Tricks You Must Know WhatsApp
Whatsapp diligent indeed provide a new feature on its users. Most newer features such as Live Location to share your location in real time the removal followed by the message sent so long as no more than 7 minutes.

Beyond that, there are some functions that may not have been many WhatsApp unknown but beneficial to the user. Here's some collected from various sources.

After making arrangements to deliver a series of application access to all users, WhatsApp Apple devices can use it to read and reply to a message, to send the message using only the commands like "Hey Series, please read the last messages on WhatsApp ". This feature is specifically for iOS devices.

When you enable this feature, then the user who did it also cannot see the checklist was sent messages when the blue read.

IOS and Android: Settings > > Account Privacy > Read Receipts.

For users of Apple, the Blue will not seem checklist when you use Siri to read a message.

This feature can be used for users of iOS and Android. How, by adding the symbol * (for bold), _ (for italic), and ~ (strikethrough) on either side of the word or phrase that we want to modify.

This feature can be applied to iOS and Android devices. The function of this feature is to allow users who've read a message to mark the chat in order to reply to a message reminding him of it.

IOS: Slide a chat from left to right > mark as ' unread '
Android: long press Menu > > chat mark as ' unread '

Whatsapp allows users to set up media such as pictures and videos not automatically uploaded when you're using the mobile data.

IOS and Android: Settings Data and Storage Usage > > Auto Media-Download

This feature is devoted to users of Apple, which allows them to show only the name of the contact who sent the message via WhatsApp notifications on your mobile phone screen while being locked up, or not get them back at all.

Method 1: turn off Notifications > > Settings ' Show Preview '
Method 2: turn off Notifications > > Settings ' Show Notifications '

For Android users, hide the notification when the cell phone in a locked state can be applied through the settings in the phone, not from the application WhatsApp.

This feature can be used for iOS and Android users. The user can set who can view their profile picture.

IOS and Android: Settings > > Account Privacy > Profile Photo

This feature is only available for Android devices, allowing the user to create a shortcut for some chat in the main screen of the phone.

Method 1: enter a chat Menu > > More > Add Shortcut
Method 2: long press for a chat Add Chat > > Menu Shortcut

This feature is only available on WhatsApp iOS version. The user can add a widget that could bring up to eight of the latest chat, complete with the number of messages that they send. When clicked, then the widget will drive users towards application WhatsApp.

How to: Slide from left to right when the screen is locked or from the main screen Edit icon > > Add icon WhatsApp Recent Chats > position widgets

For users of iOS and Android, they can save any messages that could be seen back in the menu to the Starred Messages.

IOS: long press or tap twice on a particular message > press star
Android: long press for a specific message > press star

Whatsapp allows users of iOS and Android devices to send a broadcast message to some of the pre-set contact.

IOS: Chats > Broadcast Lists New List > > Add contacts
Android: Menu > > Chats New Broadcast

Features available for iOS and Android devices is wanting to know when the messages they send are read.

IOS: Sliding from left to right on a particular message

Android: long press on a certain message > Touch icon info (i)

Here the user will know how the number of messages that have been sent or received from the first time we are using this application. In addition to messages we can also find out how many times the incoming phone calls and family as well as the size of memory that has been used.

Android: Setting > Data Usage > Network Usage

Features that are only available for iOS devices allows users to find out how much memory is spent by a contact based on the number of messages sent.

How to: Settings > Data and Storage Usage > Storage Usage > select contacts

When the user will replace cell phones don't have to worry when the messages will disappear. Whatsapp features Backup will go to email the first time you list. So when will replace cell phones.

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