How To Save Quota When Using WhatsApp

How To Save Quota When Using WhatsApp - Who is not familiar with chit-chat application currently already WhatsApp translucent 1.5 billion users? Maybe you're one of the users. Whatsapp is now made the main tool to communicate around the world.

How To Save Quota When Using WhatsApp
Whatsapp into communication tools many people not only as a submit of text, but can also send various files of pictures, video, audio, even documents can also make voice and video calls.

Well, if you as a daily active users must communicate with whatsApp first have dozens of chat groups that send messages to each other, of course, to be able to access all it needs internet quota and toned.

Fortunately, the messaging application features an alternative so that this is not Facebook's proprietary apps suck up a lot of quota. The following steps may not know:

1. go to the application icon, and then tap WhatsApp point three that are dipojok the top right and select the settings menu

2. on the settings menu, select the menu data usage and storage (Data and Storage Usage)

3. In the section on Automatic Download Media (Media Auto-Download), plik menu ' When Using Mobile Data ' (When using mobile data). In part, You can eliminate all the check, this is intended so that the photo, audio, or video file that is sent by otomotis not downloaded WhatsApp.

This is the most important part to save quota, because if enabled when you have a group chat and active, of all the chat in the form of photos and videos will be entered and automatically downloaded internet quota so as to make the more sucked.

6. Last step, please give the check Minimum Data deployment options (Low Data Usage). By ticking this option, when you are placing a voice call or video then this feature will suppress data thus saving the quota.

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