Here's how to keep track of your friends ' locations on WhatsApp

Here's how to keep track of your friends ' locations on WhatsApp - Whatsapp announced important new features, Live Location. Many are curious, how do I use the features that can be used as the location of the observer.

Before discussing further, please note that the functionality of the Live Location is allowing the user to their location sharing WhatsApp in real time with friends or family in contact WhatsApp them.

So far, not all users can use it. Whatsapp is currently working to release the availability of this feature for all users in the Android and iOS gradually.

But there is no harm learn how, to make it easier to use it when it arrived in WhatsApp you guys. Here's how it works, as cited from Venture Beat.

1. open one of the chat on WhatsApp (it could be a group or individuals) who wish to all of you for the Live Location.

2. Tap a file attachment in the form of the sign of the paper clip in the corner right column to type a message.

3. attachment options will appear that will share, select ' Location '.

4. On the available WhatsApp features, will be performing ' Live ' Location in the Share function ' Send Location ' existing ones.

5.  We can arrange how long we are going to divide the site in real time. There are options such as 15 minutes, an hour, or maybe a day.

6. You guys can also stop sharing a Live Location at any time by pressing the ' Stop Sharing '.

7. Interestingly, some people from the same group chat WhatsApp share their respective location and displayed in one map. So, we can know exactly how much our location with the other.

The function of location sharing real time indeed is not something new. A number of services has been more used to have it. Call it Google Latitude, but which had been turned off in 2013. Telegram some time ago any launches similar features.

With more than 1 billion active users, this feature of WhatsApp predicted boom is used between users WhatsApp.

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