4 Diet Tips for Obese Teens

4 Diet Tips for Obese Teens - Teenagers also have a risk for obessity in spite of their young age and fast metabolism. it is not good though, since obessity likely brings health disorder such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, low-self-esteem or osteophorosis which is miserable to have in the young age. Don't worry, you still have time to overcome this if you are in this situation. Some exercises and diet should be helpful. Just follow the following tips to loose your weight and have the fit body.

4 Healthy Plans for Obese Teens in Loosing Weight

1. Workout Plan
Of course this plan should be the number one on the list. Spare your hangout time for workout at least 60 minutes every day. The best workout is the intense cardio, two/three strength training sessions and two/three stretching sessions every week. Have it at home to have more fun atmosphere rather than going to the gym.

Teens better to have workout at home to practice their self-commitment and to be more comfortableto do workout with other family member. Some fun outdoor activities can be chosen such as flying kite, going for a walk or playing ball with all family members.

2. Jumping Rope Time
Try to recall your childhood memories when you play with the jumping rope. It is a fast, effective and inexpensive way to do cardio. In an hour you might burn fat up to 750 calories! It is based on the report from the University of Rochester Medical Center. Besides burning fat, jumping rope also builds stronger bones and improves your balance which are two essential things to your age.

3. Lifting Exercise
Lifting weight exercise does not need to be at the gym. Just buy some dumbells and have s home gym. Lifting exercise builds your muscle and burns calories which contribute a lot to weight loss and for physical appearance. It is also a great combination for cardio and training. Have 12 to 15 reps for tricep kickbacks, bicep curls, rows and front raises, but remember to stop if your muscles fatigue. Repeat the circuit in two or three time exercise.

4. The Teens Diet
Surely the diet will deal with some food and drinks which are consumed mostly by teenagers. They include:

- Soda
You should 'forget' about the soda. Take other healthier drinks insted. For instance, low-fat milk, fresh water, sports drink or fresh juices.

- Junk snacks
Replace the junk snacks with handy veggies or fruits such as carrots, apples, pears, celeries or berries which are easy to eat and fresh. Arrange them in the front of the fridge so it is visible most of the time.

- Junk food
Never keep junk food at home. Say good bye to burgers, pizzas, chips and crisps.

Those are some simple diet you can have. But the important thing is you must have breakfast every day before your school activity to prevent the junk-food cravings. If you have no time to prepare, grab some yoghurt or fresh fruit with you on the way to school. Don't forget to have regular exercise at home every day!

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