Type II Diabetes: Heal Kidney Disease and Failure Naturally With Natural Remedies

Type II Diabetes: Heal Kidney Disease and Failure Naturally With Natural Remedies - I want to give you hope. Not only has Type II Diabetes proven itself to be curable, but the horrific problem of kidney disease and kidney failure has also yielded to treatment. Let's recall why kidney disease and failure occurs in Type II Diabetes and what can be done about it.

Why does kidney disease happen more in diabetes? Medical science has attributed this to disease of the capillaries that occurs in diabetes. So let us consider what is being done about kidney disease and kidney failure.

In the field of conventional allopathic medicine we see several things being done:

1. Lower blood sugar with medication and diet. Medications have some adverse effects as most of us know.

2. ACE inhibitor drugs may be used if albumin is found in the urine. These also have adverse reactions.

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3. If blood pressure is high, treat it with more drugs. More potential drug reaction problems!

4. Reduce protein in the diet if disease is significant

5. Dialysis and kidney transplant in advanced stages of the disease.

As you can see, each of these strategies has momentous risks of their own. What else can be done? The natural alternative is to simply get well. As a Vitalist I understand the human body has been created with the built in tendency and ability to get well given the correct situations are provided. We can provide these correct situations through diet, lifestyle, natural therapies, and herbal aids.

To correct the diet we use either the Mucusless Diet or the Eat To Live diet. Either of these will get the blood sugar under control without medication. An added benefit is that they supply vital nutrients for the healing the capillaries that have been afflicted in Type II Diabetes. Berries especially are essential to provide these nutrients. Remember, when we get the blood sugar under control, berries are no longer a problem. Part of our diet is proper fluid intake. This can be done by drinking 1 gallon of distilled water each day. Add to this dietary regimen lifestyle.

By lifestyle I mean exercise, fresh air, and sunshine. Exercise can simply mean walking twenty minutes per day. This helps to restore circulation which, in turn, brings healing oxygen to the cells and takes away from the cells the wastes that are causing problems. Exercise in the fresh air and sunshine whenever possible. Fresh air is better than stagnant indoor air for healing. Sunshine, in moderate amounts, seems to have healing properties. Now we get to the topic of rest. Americans rest too little. We are too active, busy, overworked, and stressed out to rest by getting a good night's sleep. Rest is an utter necessity for healing. Without rest kidney disease will heal slowly or not at all.

The natural therapy of cleansing should now be added to this regimen. The Three Day Juice Cleanse is one of the best. Do not be afraid of the sugar. Remember that we are getting our blood sugar under control through diet. The juices are no longer a problem for us. I will be pleased to refer you to the instructions for this cleanse through my blog site.

Our last part of this regimen is herbal aids:

1. Marshmallow root in a tea or capsule form
2. Molasses as a nutritional supplement
3. Cayenne taken orally to help restore circulation quickly and restore the damaged capillaries
4. Apple cider vinegar to remove the calcium plaque from the interior of blood vessels
5. Goldenseal, Ura Usi, Cayenne, Cedar Berries, Licorice root, and Mullein.

The last item can be obtained commercially or you can make it. You can get help from me by contacting me through the blog site.

Having a better understanding of kidney disease in diabetes and how it can be successfully treated will give us tremendous peace. I do realize that this discussion has to be very limited on details. These details you can get by searching my blog site or by contacting me through the blog site."

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