Two Things That Can Prevent Diabetes

Two Things That Can Prevent Diabetes - How can you prevent diabetes? Is there really a way to prevent the development of this disease? Well, of course there is a way to prevent diabetes. With the right knowledge, you can fight diabetes.
Two Things That Can Prevent Diabetes
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Some people are unaware that they already have diabetes. They often think that their health is fine. There are many contributing factors which lead to diabetes. For instance, your lifestyle, and diet can put you at risk. Diets consisting mainly of simple carbohydrates, high fat, high salt, and sugar can make you prone to type 2 - diabetes. Overweight individuals are also prone to this type. If you have high blood pressure, low HDL, and elevated triglyceride, you're also a candidate for this type of diabetes.
Again, prevention is always better than cure. There is no need to wait until you develop a certain disease before you start making changes in your life. In this article, you will discover 2 natural ways to prevent diabetes.

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1. Mineral - you have to ensure that you get enough magnesium. You can either take a magnesium supplement or you can eat foods rich in magnesium. Several studies have been conducted on magnesium intake and the results showed that those who take enough magnesium are less diabetic. This mineral helps in relaxing the heart muscles and reducing blood pressure. It can also control homocysteine, which according to medical experts, is linked to diabetes and cardio diseases. The cells also function better with the presence of magnesium because the toxic materials are neutralized. Try to eat whole grains, nuts, avocados, and leafy lettuce because these are rich in magnesium. Supplements are also available and adults should take 500mg everyday. Aside from magnesium, you should also take vitamin D and calcium.

2. Spice - the spice that is closely related to diabetes is cinnamon. In a study, cinnulin PF is an extract from cinnamon which makes cell receptors sensitive to the insulin by about 300%. When your pancreas doesn't produce adequate insulin, most of the cell doors are not opened thereby lowering the levels of blood sugar because the sugar is released to the cells. There are times when the cells become insulin-resistant and so not enough cell doors are opened for the sugar to come in. Through cinnamon, the cells become more insulin-receptive.

With magnesium and cinnamon, you can surely lower the levels of blood sugar in the body. Aside from preventing diabetes, it can also improve the condition of your cardiovascular system.

Magnesium and spice can definitely help in preventing diabetes. While you're still diabetes-free, make sure that you get enough magnesium and cinnamon in your diet. You can take supplements or you can choose foods rich in magnesium and don't forget to include cinnamon in your recipe. If you try to compare the cost of magnesium rich foods or supplements and cinnamon, it's very inexpensive whereas diabetes medications can cost a fortune over time. So what are you waiting for? Use these two things to prevent diabetes.

How can you prevent diabetes? The answer is simple - through magnesium and cinnamon. These are two simple words that can fight a disease like diabetes. You don't need to have all the riches in the world to get magnesium or cinnamon. Even the less fortunate ones can take advantage of this knowledge and use it to successfully prevent diabetes.

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