Do You Need To Lose Weight? Then There's Something Wrong With Your Diet ?

Do You Need To Lose Weight? Then There's Something Wrong With Your Diet ? - I could hardly believe my ears when the, extremely costly, seemingly arrogant, personal-trainer whom I'd hired for the sole purpose of helping me to simply tone up a little - and lose several pounds in the process - started talking about my eating habits! I surely wasn't paying 40 bucks an hour to have someone question me about how much bread and pasta I ate. I knew I needed to lose some weight. And I knew how it needed to be done. I needed to run a few miles, lift some weights, and throw in a few star-jumps for good measure. Right? Wrong.

Having been blessed with the ability to talk the hind legs off a donkey, my enviously lithe bodied personal trainer, convinced me to try a novel approach to my weight loss challenge. After-all, I had already tried the usual traditional methods with some level of mediocre success, but what I found was any weight I lost quickly returned!

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My personal trainer convinced me to take a more holistic approach to my intended weight-loss, and introduced me to a life changing 'cleansing diet'.

I soon learnt a very valuable lesson. The reason I had such excess weight in the first place, was because of my diet, which up until then, I had considered to be fairly healthy; I ate vegetables sometimes, drank fruit juice, and now and then even water. But my diet, fruit juice and all - was toxic. And my toxic diet was not only the cause my excess weight, but responsible for my constant headaches, lack of energy, bad skin, unsightly cellulite, and my constant mood swings. My daily diet was literally making me sick.

So, if you need to lose some weight, you could throw caution to the wind, and also try a fresh approach. You could try a cleansing diet.

A cleansing diet is basically just that: A Cleansing Diet. Your body is completely cleansed and totally healed from the inside out. If like I did, you have a sweet tooth, then this diet can be a little like going into a food rehab, but the end results, I have to say, are amazing! You feel lighter, more energetic and revitalized. You have clearer, smoother, flawless skin, can jump out of bed each morning with so much more energy, and on top of all that - you lose all the fat!

However, a proper cleansing diet needs to be approached in the correct manner.

Firstly, you need to be fairly determined to change the way your body looks. Visualization is a great help in this area. I used to see girls on the beach, looking great in their bikinis, and I was determined that I would not go through the rest of my life hiding my body behind a tent-like sarong.

Secondly, because a cleansing diet can be quite a radical change for your body, you need to follow a personally developed plan and ideally be part of a fully supported system where you can have your progress monitored and your questions answered.

Thirdly, let your friends and family know you're starting a cleansing diet. For the first couple weeks what you eat is fairly limited and consists of pure natural foods, so you won't want your friends inviting you out to dinner, or even for coffee, during that time. Who knows, they may even decide to join you in your quest for a slimmer body and ultimately healthier lifestyle.

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